Mary Ellen Koroscil

  A Moose Jaw Original (How Many Admit To That?)

According to Mary Ellen, "I realize the image of the mechanical moose is rather tacky, but I'm quite attached to my friend, 'Mac' the Moose. The Moose and I are old pals, as we both hail from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, a wonderful Western community."

Her career began as a copywriter for radio station CHAB, in Moose Jaw. She learned to write reams of community bulletins and commercials. Soon expanding her experience, she moved to Calgary (known for it's famous Stampede) and bought her first Stetson and cowboy boots. It was a new world, moving from the medium of radio to CFCN-TV, copywriting and producing of commercials, including the Safeway account.

Adventure is your second name when you are young and fancy free. A move to Ontario loomed on the horizon, and Mary Ellen soon arrived in Hamilton and worked as a copywriter for radio station CHAM, a sister station of CHFI (in Toronto). Soon the bright lights of Toronto beckoned, so she answered the call and worked at the CBC for a period of time. Hankering for a change, she took up a series of positions with several small ad agencies with long sounding names.

Change still lingered in the air and she entered the corporate world (in the oil/gas industry) and worked downtown at Suncor's Toronto head office for a number of years. However, the writing and communications field still held a strong attraction. Mary Ellen is now Mississauga-based, became an entrepreneur and established her public relations company, M.E.K. Specialty Services Inc.

"It's fascinating to be still working with the business world, as well as within the arts and literary fields. I have also expanded my client base to include singer/songwriters, film producers and entertainers, creating the "Buzz" for all entities in the media. Through it all, I have never forgotten my small town roots and I believe they have served me well."

"The Caterpillar does all the work, but it's the Butterfly that gains all the publicity."
                                                                                                          - Author unknown